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Lympho-Maniac Video Vault

Why Support Lympho-Maniac?

Since 2003, New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs have donated more than $1,200,000 to fight cancer.

The Lympho-Maniac Story

New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs have been raising money to fight cancer since 2002.

What is Lympho-Maniac?

This short video gives you all the info you need to know! Click here to find out how and why it all began.

2018 Party Promo

New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Gala will be held at Mardi Gras World on March 3rd, 2018.

2017 Party Promo

This year’s New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Gala was held at Mardi Gras World.

2016 Party Promo

The 11th Annual New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Gala was held at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

2010 Party Promo

Chad Landry visits Don Trump, Jr. to endorse the 2010 party — in true Lympho-Maniac style!