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Saturday, May 14th, 2022

7pm – 12:30am at Mardi Gras World
VIP Red carpet party starts 6pm


This was record breaking fundraising year for our event! Thank you all for your hard work and support. Because of your efforts, we have rolled out our $1,000 grant program to benefit lower income families battling cancer. Thanks again for everything — good people… great cause… an amazing event!

— Chad Landry, Founder of New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Cancer Fund


Mirepoix Catering of New Orleans has agreed to be the title sponsor of the 2019 Lympho-Maniac Party whereby they will be providing all food catering services to the 1,000+ people that attend the event every year. “The Lympho-Maniac event is exactly what we look for in an organization to partner with especially given the opportunity to be the exclusive caterer and provide authentic New Orleans cuisine to its guests,” said Al Copeland Jr., Chairman of the Board and CEO of Al Copeland Investments. “I absolutely love the New Orleans spirit of this event and the connection it has to Copeland’s events. We are proud to be the title sponsor to an event that provides a great time for such a meaningful cause.”

Why Support Lympho-Maniac?

New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs have donated more than $1,200,000 to fight cancer.

The Lympho-Maniac Story

New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs have been raising money to fight cancer since 2002.

What is Lympho-Maniac?

This short video gives you all the info you need to know! Click here to find out how and why it all began.

New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Cancer Fund is a non-profit 501c3 organization. Since 2003, New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs have donated more than $1,450,000 to fight cancer.

Got What It Takes to Become a Lympho-Maniac?

The Three Degrees of Lympho-Mania:

Closet Lympho

Hiding something? If you donate $1000 or less, you are most certainly a Closet Lympho!

Every Day Lympho

Donating between $1000 and $2000 proves that you’re a fearless funk master all day, every day!

Raging Lympho-Maniac

Donate more than $2000, and whoa… look out…  you’re a walking disco inferno. Somebody better call the Village People, you sexy thang!

2022’s Goal: $300,000: Granting Wishes for Those in Need

All proceeds from the 2020 Lympho-Maniac Gala will be directed to financial assistance grants for lower income families who have someone being treated for Cancer by an East Jefferson General Hospital, LSU Health Sciences physician, or an Ochsner Hospital physician. Cancer causes a financial hardship for those families, and these grants help to lessen the burden by assisting with medical bills, medical travel, house notes, grocery bills, and more. Our fundraising goal this year is $300,000. Please help us today by donating to our cause!

All net proceeds from our New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Cancer Fund goes to support local New Orleans Cancer projects, programs and services, including caring for the financial needs of those lower income families who have been impacted by Cancer.

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