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Lympho-Maniac Board of Trustees Officers

Our annual Lympho-Maniac Gala owes its continued success to a growing network of friends and collegues that reaches throughout the Greater New Orleans area to all over the country.

Chadwick K. Landry, Founder & President
Managing Member, Poydras Capital Partners LLC

Kenneth Kilinski, Vice President
Principal, Tristone Financial

Michael Ecklund, Philanthropy Chair
Principal, Morningside Capital

Jeannette Ladreyt, Secretary & Development Director
Realtor, Watermark Realty, LLC

Shawn Darrah, Treasurer
Marine Insurance Agent, Ellsworth Corporation

Kenny Landry, Membership Chair
District Sales Manager, Doerle Food Service

Monte Montaldo, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Dr. Michael Hayman, Medical Chair
President, Leilos LLC

Ryan Flanagan, Social Chair
Principal, Shrenk Edom & Flanagan

Robert Mathis, Special Event Chair
Partner, Newman Mathis Brady & Spedale, PLC

New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Consultants

David H. Bernstein; CPA, JD, LLM
Murphy & Warren (APC)
New Orleans Lympho-Maniac CPA

Edward J. McCloskey; Managing Attorney
Edward J. McCloskey, LLC
New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Attorney

Brent Joseph
Digital Narrative Archive

Can't Join the Party?

Don’t worry, there are many ways to be a certified Lympho-Maniac. You can donate to the cause all year long. We appreciate all that do you, you superfly Shasta McNasty. Get on with your bad self.