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Living Lympho podcast asks the question: How do we maintain a positive attitude when facing a cancer diagnosis or any other illness or hardship?

Hosted by Chad Landry, each show shares a common focus — MENTAL and PHYSICAL SURVIVORSHIP. From amazing cancer survivors who share their powerful and inspiring stories to top doctors and scientists who discuss their cutting edge treatment programs and therapy, the glass is always “half full” on every Living Lympho episode. We aim to inspire, support, and educate our listeners.

Some snippets of things you’ll here in the first 3 episodes of new Living Lympho Podcast:

1. Former U. S. Congressman Billy Tauzin speaks about his courageous battle and inspiring victory against intestinal cancer. Topics include: the whipple procedure, experimental drugs, advice from Lance Armstrong, medical marijuana as well as the partisan divide in Washington.

2. Robert Vasquez, MD, Ph.D. speaks about his innovative Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer and Survivorship Program at Ochsner hospital. This program provides treatment for patients ages 15–39 with most types of cancer. Researchers are discovering that many of the cancers that occur in this age group are biologically different than those seen at other ages. In addition, these patients have different medical, psychological and social needs than younger and older patients.

3. Former New Orleans television news anchor Angela Hill speaks about her personal experience with breast cancer, discusses some of her favorite moments from the Angela Hill TV show, gives us her view on the “fake news epidemic,” and last, but not least, offers great advice for aspiring television journalists.

To listen to these podcast episodes and more click here.

About New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Cancer Fund
New Orleans Lympho-Maniac Cancer Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Since 2003, New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs have donated more than $1,000,000 to fight cancer in our region.

Former U. S. Congressman Billy Tauzin

Robert Vasquez, MD, Ph.D.

Former New Orleans television news anchor Angela Hill