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Last year we gave out $50,000 in grants to lower income families in Greater New Orleans area who had someone currently being treated for Cancer. This year we decided to name this financial assistance/Cancer grant program the “H. Ryan Aucoin Memorial Cancer Grants” in honor of our friend (Ryan Aucoin) who recently battled and loss his life to Lymphoma T-Cell.

Ryan Aucoin had a huge heart and a “timeless soul.” He was very active in New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs and a friend to many in our Greater New Orleans Community. Through these H. Ryan Aucoin Cancer Grants, New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs hope to both honor and remember Ryan for the amazing and kind person he was to his family, friends, and customers at Aucoin Hart Jewelry store.

Aucoin Hart recently made an announcement on “H. Ryan Aucoin Memorial Cancer Grants” in their Annual Christmas Catalogue which is sent out to over 15,000 customers. Please see attached page from recent Aucoin Hart Christmas Catalogue. New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs are obviously really proud to be partnered in this cause with one of the top jewelry stores in the city of New Orleans.