The 2012 proceeds go to...

We’re pleased to announce that all proceeds and donations for the 10th Annual Lympho-Maniac 70’s party will be going to purchase a SRT-100 for East Jefferson Outpatient Oncology. Last year we raised over $60,000 for the East Jefferson Hospital Captial Campaign.

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Lympho-Maniac bracelets are in

We are selling "lympho-maniac" bracelets for a $5 donation, get one today!

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Donald & Vanessa Trump, Jr. Return as ‘12 Dance-Off Judges

We just received word that last year’s celebrity judges Donald and Vanessa Trump, Jr. will be coming back for this year’s 70’s gala. We’re ecstatic to have them again as this year will be the biggest Lympho-Maniac party to-date.

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And the Winner is...
The winner of 2011’s “Dance-Off” competition was none other than... Maria Karras!

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Kenny Kilinski (Atlanta, GA)
Kenny is an original Lympho-Maniac board member and a two-time Lympho Dance Champion. He is the author of: "The Pick-up Artist" and "How To Brew Bourbon in Your Own Backyard?". He has made a cameo appearance on E! Channel's The Girls Next Door, and is a principal at a mortgage lending business based in Atlanta, spending his leisure time sailing and fishing on his 60-foot yacht, named "Subprime Seas".

On a more serious and personal note, Kenny lost his mom to sarcoma (cancer of the connective tissue) over 10 years ago. Belle Kilinski was a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart and had a passion for life that inspired everyone around her. We're happy to say that her passion lives on inside of her three children: Steve, Kenny, and Anna. I have no doubt that, come the night of our Lympho-Maniac Party (Saturday, March 20th), Miss Belle will be hosting her own Lympho-Maniac Dance Contest up in Heaven with all of the other angels as contestants. My money is on Miss Belle winning Heaven's dance contest and taking home the disco ball that night for sure :)

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WDSU Interviews The Trump’s at
Lympho-Maniac 2009

Watch Don & Vanessa discuss their involvement and impressions of Lympho-Maniac.

WWL’s “Quiet Hero” Interview March 2009

Chad chats with Sally-Ann Roberts of WWLTV about the inspiration behind
Lympho-Maniac and his bout with cancer.

Lympho-Maniac Founder Chad Landry
featured in Health & Fitness Magazine

Lympho-Maniac Founder Chad Landry discusses his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and
the start of the Lympho-Maniac 70’s party with Louisiana’s Health & Fitness Magazine.

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